Will Anjali Portray Shakeela's Role?

Anjali is one of the good actress in both tamil and telugu film industry. In Tamil Angadi theru gave her tremendous name and in tollywood SVSC is her best.Now Seethamma to portray the shakeela's character in movie about shakeela.Yes, Says Kollywood latest gossips. Anjali looks homely and traditional and she almost did some good and decent films in her career until today, but she finally makes a wild decision to be a part of South Indian dirty picture version.
Shakeela shakes Kerala with her Biography book is now willing to reach more people and translating this book to Telugu, Tamil and Hindi too. And she feels that movies can make people know better about it and this movie will also connect better feels Shakeela.
So directors are running behind her for this chance, but as per latest info a director have already approached her and Anjali is also roped in for this film in Kollywood. Anjali will play Shakeela role in this film and she will also portray the black side of Shakeela, as Anjali looks good enough to suit Shakeela and Anjali is also ready to do some bold scenes this film might be on sets by this summer.   Will Anjali accept to do this film? Lets wait and see


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